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Exciting New Collection of Printed Leggings

12 Mar 2022

At Nikki Whoops we have a new collection of printed leggings to suit every mood and unique taste. You do not have to go anywhere to find comfort in your clothes! Nikki Whoops’ brings you the finest collection of comfortable and decorative skull print leggings and more. These unique designs and colours will cheer you up with their look and feel!

For Gym Lovers

Tights are very popular among gym attendees and fitness fanatics – as well as those who just prefer comfort! Nikki Whoops' leggings come in a variety of prints to suit even the pickiest gym bunny! Tights come in a plethora of styles, depending on the appearance you want to achieve. The best leggings for winter!

The Best Alternative for Pants

The discussion over "Are leggings pants?" has raged for years, and it's generally accompanied by a lot of heated debate. Tights/leggings are often perceived to be sloppy, although they're far more put-together than a pair of drab track pants. They allow you to show off your body contour while providing full coverage. It's a win-win situation.

Most Comfortable

Who says style and comfort can’t go together? One of the basic rules of style should unquestionably be comfort. There are those occasions in life that denim and tight pants simply don't cut it. Perhaps during pregnancy, when a flexible waistline is required, or on Christmas Day after a large lunch with the family, and, of course, when working out. Leggings will never go out of style since they allow for movement and are well suited to a variety of lifestyles and everyday activities. Let's be honest: the first thing we do when we get home from work is change out of our uncomfortable clothes and slip into our comfiest clothes usually a favourite pair of leggings or joggers.

Another advantage with leggings is that they are a well-accepted comfy apparel item, suitable for many occasions. Although we consider pyjamas and robes to be comfortable indoor clothes, tights are a transitional choice that may be worn both inside and outside of the house.

They Stretch

Everyone knows that as you get older, your body changes in all different ways (and perhaps go up a waist size) during the year, or sometimes the course of a month, or even a week! Instead of buying a new pair of jeans in a larger size, your leggings are perfect because they are incredibly stretchy!

Create Your Own Style

Leggings may be dressed up or down to create an array of fashionable outfits. Dress them down with a plain tee or hoodie paired with some runners or ballet flats for a casual, yet stylish look; or dress them up with a cami and some heels. You may also choose leggings, plain or printed for the gym or as smart casual clothing options.

With these diverse fashion selections that are not only attractive and comfy but also very practical and functional, you will ace any look! It's amazing how leggings can keep you warm while looking stylish, or how they can be layered beneath shorts and skirts for a fresh-off-the-runway appearance.

They Go With Everything

This is one of the most important advantages of wearing leggings. Given that most pairs of leggings are simple, it is easy to toss on a pair and combine them with any shirt. Leggings will readily match an athletic tank top or a silky shirt.

For When You Just Can’t Be Bothered

For those days when sleep is more important than ironing (and let’s face it, we all have those days), leggings are an obvious solution. You can easily slip them on, throw on a shirt, and be on your way out the door with ease, while still looking stylish.


So it’s obvious that Nikki Whoops’ legging collection is the clear winner in terms of both style and comfort. We have many printed designs including our popular snow leopard leggings and leopard print leggings. Not to mention, our wide range of great skull print leggings. You can choose your leggings according to your mood. The most amazing part about these leggings is that they fit perfectly into your budget. So what are you waiting for?

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