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Women’s Skull Leggings - FAQs

What materials are the women’s skull leggings made from?

Our leggings blend premium quality fabrics to ensure they’re not just trendy but also comfortable and durable.

Do our skull leggings come in inclusive sizes?

Absolutely! We believe in "Threads with Sass, for Every Body". You'll find sizes that cater to every beautiful body out there.

How do I care for my skull leggings to ensure longevity?

A gentle wash inside out and keeping them away from direct sunlight should do the trick.

Do you have other prints and designs?

Of course! If skulls aren’t your only love, check out our collection of animal print leggings or dive into our trendy jogger pants range.

How long does delivery usually take?

Being an Australian-based company, we strive to get your product to you swiftly. Typically, our deliveries are quick, but for more detailed information, feel free to contact us.